Inventory Management for Procedural Supply Chain

Improve inventory visibility and reduce costs with our revolutionary cloud-based healthcare inventory management system

QSight Transforms How You Manage Inventory

Healthcare providers today are faced with dynamic challenges in the clinical and procedural areas due to carrying large amounts of inventory and unpredictable demand. QSight is Owens & Minor’s end-to-end perpetual inventory management system that integrates with a health system’s IT infrastructure to capture the total picture of inventory while improving utilization and patient charge capture. 

Streamline inventory from end-to-end

Hospital systems often have little visibility into actual supply utilization, usage patterns, and available inventory. Aligning demand with proper inventory levels is important when reducing excessive inventory and product waste. QSight addresses these challenges through automation of supply documentation via seamless integration with the electronic health record. The system provides the inventory support needed throughout every point of the supply chain. We have developed the tools necessary to simplify and right-size any inventory management system, solving for system-wide complexity.

Save Time by Eliminating Manual Tasks
With QSight, instead of manually typing a bar code to take product in or out of inventory, users scan the bar code of a product instead. Those inventory levels are then automatically maintained within QSight, easily accessible to users, all while minimizing errors.
Make Smarter Decisions Based on Data
Our robust platform provides the inventory support needed throughout every point of the supply chain. We have developed the tools necessary to simplify and right-size any inventory management system, solving for system-wide complexity.
Enhance Patient Safety by Reducing Risk
Product recalls are matched up with your current inventory, with QSight alerting you to the inventory that must be removed. QSight will even alert a clinician if they try to use a recalled product. And for expired products, users set up custom alerts to trigger when a product is about to expire.

The Power of QSight’s Product Database

One of the aspects that makes QSight truly unique and powerful is its 600,000+ SKU database. Once a user scans a product into QSight, that product is automatically matched up against this database and relevant information, such as serial number, lot, description. The result is the elimination of manually entering this information and far fewer errors.

QSight is HITRUST Certified

Owens & Minor is committed to managing cybersecurity risk and protecting sensitive information. That’s why we went through the rigorous process of getting QSight HITRUST certified. HITRUST certification affirms that Owens & Minor is appropriately managing cyber risk through key security controls and good cybersecurity hygiene. It gives you peace of mind knowing QSight adheres to the highest standards for cybersecurity and data protection.

Benefits Throughout the Supply Chain

It takes an extraordinary amount of technology and experience to create a system as powerful as QSight. And it takes Owens & Minor—the industry leader in providing great customer service—to make it all work seamlessly.

Greater Efficiency
The average implementation for QSight is 90 days- wasting no time getting you up and running.
Lowering Costs
QSight provides actionable data about what inventory you have on hand to help you make smarter decisions that drive down costs.
Improved Visibility
Get real time visibility into your inventory levels with counts that are continually kept up-to-date and accurate.
Enhancing Patient Safety
QSight reduces the risk of “never events” by notifying you of recalled and expired product so you can pull them before they are used.
Greater Transparency
QSight provides you with real time visibility into your inventory levels with counts that are continually kept up-to-date and accurate.

Additional Features of QSight

Track Bone and Tissue Implants
Simplify tissue management by digitizing information and eliminating time-consuming manual tasks.
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Reduce Waste and Drive Compliance with QSight™ RFID
Automatically track and monitor high-value inventory 24/7, without redesigning your system.
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Manage Consumables with our Kanban Storage Solution
Easily manage consumables with our unique two-bin solution.
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A Complete View Of Your Supply Chain, Faster Than Ever

With greater visibility into their inventory, Supply Chain Managers can make smarter, better-informed decisions about every facet of their supply chain. The end result is often a dramatic reduction in costs throughout the supply chain, from supply spend to reduction in overstocks to inventory reductions.

The easy-to-read QSight dashboard provides a single view of all inventory data. At a glance, immediately see overstocks, understocks, and backorders, while tracking usage and trends at a system-wide level.

How it works

QSight integrates seamlessly with your existing interfaces to automate your entire inventory management process.

Easily scan the product barcode.
The scanned information will be matched within the QSight database.
Immediately use the actionable data to make effective, informed inventory decisions.

Empowers clinicians through efficiency

QSight streamlines inventory management and eliminates manual tasks so clinicians can spend more time on what they do best, patient care. With QSight, clinicians simply scan products out of inventory once they are used in a procedure and automatically link it to the patient's Electronic Medical Records (EMR). QSight will even alert clinicians before they use a recalled product in a procedure. And with product counts maintained in QSight, clinicians no longer have to count inventory by hand. Ultimately, this means more efficient workflows for clinicians and more time focusing on patients.

Reduces risks and enhance patient safety

The Unique Device Indicator (UDI) includes lot and expiration date information that is captured with a scan and links to a database of over 600,000 products. QSight seamlessly manages expired products while mitigating liability risks and increasing patient safety.
“QSight gave us the data analytics we needed to be efficient without the need to bring on more FTEs, or disrupting the workflow of our clinicians.”
- Quincy Stanley Associate Vice President, Supply Chain Operations., Rush University Medical Center

Reducing O.R. supply spend by over $1 million

QSight has dramatically changed every step of the inventory process at Rush University Medical Center. See how they did it.

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